Refund of housing fees:

If the master's degree / course that the student is going to take is finally not taught and canceled by the university.

Deposit refund (reservation):

If the reservation is canceled, by the student or the owner, up to a maximum of 2 months before the start date of the contract.

If the student is denied a visa, 100% of the deposit given to the owner will be returned, as long as Spain Housing can cover that accommodation with another student within a maximum period of one month.

If the master / course is not finally taught, as long as Spain Housing has another student to cover that room (this case will be treated as a priority and the return period will be up to 3 months).

** If the cause of cancellation of the reservation, by the student, is for personal reasons and outside the times and causes established above, the student will not have the right to a refund, neither the housing fees nor the reservation deposit.


Refund of housing fees:

If the student cancels the reservation, for any reason, up to a maximum of 2 months before the start date of the contract.

If the cancellation is later than 2 months from the start date of the contract, the owner has the right to keep the deposit he has received as a reservation, from which the housing fees will have been deducted (to which no you will have the right of return). In this case, your accommodation will go to the featured area of the website, free of charge. Once a new student makes a reservation, the process starts over but no fees will be charged to the owner for this new management.

Refund of the deposit to the student:

If, for any reason, once the student's deposit is received, the owner decides to cancel the reservation, the management cost charged would not be returned and they would always have to return the deposit received immediately.