This policy applies to:

All applicants in the residences of Spain Student Housing in which they have accepted a room or apartment in one of their residences can proceed to a refund of the money depending on their request.

Refund policy

1. If the student decides to cancel his apartment before June 30, the deposit and the months paid will be returned. The reservation management fee will never be refunded.

2. If the student cancels the accommodation after June 30. One month's refund will apply if an applicant fills your spot. The reservation management fee and one month will never be refunded according to the following exceptions.

In all these cases, documentary evidence must be provided. Spain Student Housing will refund except the reservation application fee for

  • Serious illness or death that prevents the student from carrying out his studies.

  • Death or serious illness of a direct relative (father, mother, brother/sister, son/daughter or grandparent).

  • Political, civil or natural event that prevents the student from leaving their country of origin or paying the full amount of the study program fees.

  • Other exceptional cases will be evaluated by a specific commission.

Refund procedure

1. When a return must be paid, it will be necessary to fill out the corresponding return form. To avoid

errors, it is necessary to attach all the requested information here.

2.The refund will be processed, under normal conditions, within 8 weeks of receipt of the claim form.

received by Spain Student Housing and will be paid between the first and second week of each month. Students who have made the payment through flywire will receive the refund through the same platform. Yes

The refund will be made by bank transfer, it is necessary to indicate it in the email request. Spain Student Housing will not be responsible for the expenses/costs of the bank transfer or other costs charged by any bank.