I am looking for accommodation

Make yourself at home

I need a support letter for the embassy and the visa. Can you help me?

Of course, after receiving the payment and while we manage your lease contract, we provide you with an accommodation certificate to submit it with your visa application.

What is the amount of the payment I need to make?

To confirm the rental of your room or flat, you will have to make the following payments:

  • 200€ management costs,

  • Deposit, for the booking of the room.

When the contract ends and you leave the apartment/room, we will check if everything is in the same condition as when you handed it over and it will be returned, totally or partially, depending on this.

  • First month's rent (September)

Do I need to make any other additional payment?

No, there are no additional payments.

It is easier than you think. Here is an example:

Monthly room rent: 225€

Payment: 425€ (200€ service cost + 225€ deposit for the landlord)

Who do I pay my monthly rent to?

To your landlord. You can pay via bank transfer or with cash, depending on what you have agreed with your landlord in the cointract.

Can the landlord refuse to give me the deposit back?

Yes, it can happen and this is important. If at the end of your stay one or more of these situations arise:

  • If you leave the accommodation before the expiry of the contract.

  • If you break or damage something in the house: furniture, decoration, holes in walls, etc.

  • If you do not pay your monthly rent in a timely manner, normally between the first and fifth day of each month.

  • If you do not pay your costs of water, electricity, Wi-Fi, etc. upon reception of the bills.

  • If the room/house is not clean at the end of your stay.

10 rules for a good coexistence:

  1. Respect your flatmates.

  2. Respect the common areas of the house.

  3. Collect your belongings and be clean.

  4. Do not listen to music, tv, etc. at high volume.

  5. Do not bring visitors home without the consent of your flatmates.

  6. Respect the hours of sleep, rest and study.

  7. Do not make noise at an unearthly hour.

  8. Be understanding and tolerant.

  9. Common areas are for everyone, keep them clean, tidy and do not monopolise them.

  10. In short, create a good atmosphere in your new home.

Be careful and considerate with your new home and return it in the same state of cleanliness and conservation in which you received it.