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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know. Find the answers to the questions most frequently asked by our students.


Are payments monthly?

Yes, rent payments are due each month.


Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, it is mandatory. The security deposit is the amount that the tenant has to pay to the landlord (owner) every time he rents a property. What is the security deposit for? The deposit is for the landlord to use if: the tenant has failed to pay any of its obligations (rent, utilities, etc.) and or the tenant has left damages in the property at the end of the lease, provided that such damages are attributable to the tenant.


Can I count on extra services?

Yes, you can hire them from our student portal: nesterrenters.com/login


Recommendations for a good coexistence:

- Respect your roommates.
- Respect the common areas of the house.
- Pick up your belongings and be clean.
- Do not play loud music, TV, etc.
- Do not bring visitors home without the consent of your roommates.
- Respect the hours of sleep, rest and study.
- Do not make noises at deshoras.
- Be compressive and tolerant.
- The common areas are for everyone, keep them clean, collected and do not hoard them.
- In short, generate a good atmosphere in your new home.


I am a foreign student and I need a housing certificate, does Spain Student Housing provide it?

Yes, once we receive the payment of your reservation and requested by the student, we will send you the accommodation certificate to be submitted with the visa application.


What services are available in my residence?

Depending on the residence has different services, on the web you can find all the information but if you have any questions you can contact us.


Are there any rules at my residence?

Yes, all of our residences have a series of joint standards that must be complied with: www.unihousing.es/normativa-interna


If I have an incident at my residence, who do I turn to?

In your student portal you have a section called "Incidents" where you can report any technical problem you have in your apartment: https://nesterrenters.com/login.


From what dates can I arrive at the residence and can I stay during non-academic periods?

You will be able to enter the residence from the start date of the contract, a date and time will be set to give you the keys and show you the residence. At Easter and Christmas the Residence is still your home.


Is the cleaning service included in the price, and what about delivery charges?

Yes, both internet, electricity and water, on the other hand the cleanliness depends on the characteristics of the accommodation that is in the common areas or in the rooms as well.


Are there laundry facilities?

All residences have washing machines both in common areas and, in some cases, in the apartment itself.


Is there a check-in time?

In Spain Student Housing you are the owner of your day to day, you decide when you come in and when you go out, you manage your free time, your fun, and your study. But remember, always respecting the tranquility of others.


How long does my contract last?

All contracts have a heroic 11-month term, which starts on September 1 and ends on July 31, which is mandatory.

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