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Return policy

Refund Policy

This policy applies to:

All applicants in the Spain Student Housing residences in the following countries

who have accepted, a room or apartment in one of their

The refund may be made depending on the type of residence.

of your application.

Refund Policy

1.If the student decides to cancel his apartment before June 30, the deposit and the months paid will be refunded. The reservation management fee will not be refunded in any case.

2. If the student cancels the accommodation after June 30. The one month refund will be applied if an applicant occupies his/her place. The reservation handling fee and one month will never be refunded according to the following exceptions.

In all these cases documentary proof must be provided Spain Student Housing will reimburse except for the booking application fee:

  • Serious illness or death that prevents the student from completing his or her studies.
  • Death or serious illness of an immediate family member (father, mother, sibling, child or grandparent).
  • Political, civil or natural event that prevents the student from leaving his or her home country or from paying the full fees for the program of study.
  • Other exceptional cases will be evaluated by a specific commission.

The student will have a maximum period of 1 week from the resolution of the refund to make a claim via email to info@spainhousing.es. This claim will be studied by the Committee that will have a period of 3 weeks from the claim to give an answer by email to the student.

3. In the event that a student mistakenly requests a residence on campus that does not correspond to him/her, the deposit and monthly payment will be refunded if the reserved room is occupied, but the reservation fee will never be refunded.

4. If the student enters the residence from September 1st, the deposit and the monthly fees paid will not be refunded if the student does not occupy his/her place within 1 month.

Reimbursement procedure

1. When a return is to be credited, it is necessary to fill out the appropriate return form. To avoid errors, it is necessary to attach all the information requested here.

2. The reimbursement will be processed, under normal conditions, within 8 weeks from the receipt of the form received by Spain Student Housing and will be paid between the first and second week of each month. Students who have paid through Flywire will receive the refund through the same platform.

If the reimbursement will be made by bank transfer, it is necessary to indicate this in the e-mail request. Spain Student Housing will not be responsible for bank transfer fees/costs or other costs charged by any bank .